Welcome to your FOG Digital Education journey…

Ever wanted to be part of an inclusive, dedicated and pioneering educational platform?

With the FOG Certified Educator programme, you will have the chance to join our team of industry veterans as a Digital tutor whilst earning a Level 2 Digital Skills Qualification, a Microsoft Minecraft Teaching Certification and completing the FOG Tutoring Course resulting in accreditation.

This process will last roughly 3 weeks, and at the end of your journey you will be given an interview with the hopes of joining us at FOG. If successful, you will be provided with a plethora of skills, and options of subject curriculums to teach to ages 7+. If unsuccessful, you still leave with your qualifications more prepared for the Digital world!

We can give you...

  • An extensive and engaging 5 day Level 2 Digital skills course

  • A 2-week Tutoring skills and Microsoft Minecraft Teaching Certification

If successful...

  • A flexible work schedule

  • An opportunity to help create engaging curriculums and lessons

  • Between £10-£30 per hour tutoring session dependant on level, age, and experience

  • A chance to learn under Digital, esports and media experts

For a limited time, our partners are giving away a FREE GADGET when you complete the digital skills course. We look forward to greeting you on your journey! Get started below!

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