Who are we?

We at Fellowship of Gaming believe that education should be accessible, engaging, and all-inclusive.

Using digital tools such as Minecraft: Education Edition our expert tutors and educators create a Digital space to learn Coding, English, Graphic Design and more.

We offer competitively priced one to one tutoring that can fit around any schedule, as well as the option of pre-recorded curriculums to work through at your own pace.

Why Us?

  • Carefully designed curriculums that allow for the best possible balance between engagement and retainment.

  • Over 60 Microsoft Certified and Enhanced DBS checked tutors that have incredible knowledge and a passion for education.

  • Access to over 500 hours of possible learning hours weekly.

  • The choice of pre-recorded, live and in-person sessions to fit your schedules.

  • Industry links providing innovation and creativity in delivery.